Nine Coffee Brands to Always Leave on Grocery Store Shelves

Nine Coffee Brands to Always Leave on Grocery Store Shelves

An article came out in "Eat This, Not This" written by By . It was "fact-checked." I must say that I wasn't surprised by what I read.
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These writers prefaced the article stating "Coffee producers likewise fall into different categories. You have some brands that truly care about the quality of their product—the brands that are careful about the sourcing of the beans, keep tight control over  roasting and grinding, and do everything they can to ensure that the coffee in a consumer's cup is great stuff. Then you have the coffee brands that see their product merely as a commodity and do everything they can to cut costs, even if the result is a lower-quality coffee. And let's not forget the brands that operate like the latter while pretending to be the former, which might be the worst of all." The point to this article is that some of the big names in coffee either use low quality coffee, or there is a lack of transparency to their sourcing.


Death Wish Coffee was Number One to leave on the shelf. Something about their coffee being organic, which I have told many of my customers numerous times that I cannot make that claim for our coffee even though most of the green beans I purchase are claimed to be such. In foreign countries, it is extremely hard to police (for lack of a better word) a farm in a foreign country by the stringent USA organic regulations that govern this consumable classification. They say their beans are, but who really knows. Once those organic beans come in contact with non-organic beans, the denotation is moot.


Also, DWC mixes arabica beans with robusta beans to get that high caffeine content. If you have ever knowingly tasted a robusta coffee, it is a harsh and bitter coffee. All the more reason for DWC to roast it as dark as possible to disguise the taste. Really all that a consumer needs to do, is to buy a coffee that is roasted at high altitude to get a similar wake up call.


Yuban, once touting 100% Colombian bean, now uses a combo of arabica and robusta. "Made with Robusta and Arabica beans from Latin America and other tropical regions. This most likely actually means: We sourced the cheapest beans we could get from wherever we could find them."


The list of these nine coffees (which isn't comprehensive) includes Green Mountain Coffee, Maxwell House, Nescafe, Folgers, Dunkin', McCafe, and Seattles Best. For some coffee drinkers its the price that keeps them buying these particular brands.


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Wake up and elevate your coffee experience! You don't know what you're missing!


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