Coffee Grinders

Unlike wine, ground coffee does not get better with time. After being opened, pre-ground coffee needs to be used within two weeks, because it oxidizes and loses its aroma very quickly.

However, roasted coffee beans have the advantage of lasting a lot longer. After being roasted, beans should be used within three months as they release CO2, which breaks down the organic parts of the fiber. They will therefore lose their aromas, along with all the coffee’s complexity and intensity.

antique coffee grinder

You can grind coffee beans in advance, provided you keep the grounds in a dry place, but once ground, you should use them within three days. Ground coffee quickly becomes rancid and flavorless, as the more it oxidizes, the more bitter it becomes. It is therefore vital to grind your coffee beans at the very last moment, in order to enjoy all the aromas.

We suggest that our coffee enthusiasts purchase a "burr coffee grinder" and there are many to choose from. Our favorite though is the "Baratza Encore Grinder" and it is an award winner from the Specialty Coffee Association, very user-friendly with over 40 grind options plus it is warrantied for one year from the company itself. There is even an optional 3 or 4 yr warranty that can be purchased through Amazon.

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