What makes our coffee different!

Besides being the ONLY coffee roaster in Pagosa Springs, there are quite a few differences!

As a small-batch roaster, we only roast two pounds of green coffee at a time. Micro batching, or small-batch coffee roasting, has huge payoffs in terms of aroma, quality, and taste. By keeping coffee roast batches smaller, our roastmaster can keep an expert eye on each and every little bean, ensuring that the profile for that particular batch is dialed in to perfection. This heightened level of control means a more artisanal and truly precise level of quality in every batch.

Another benefit to roasting at high altitude allows us to roast at a lower temperature for a shorter time. What this specifically means to the dark coffee drinkers is that we can roast very dark and maintain MORE of the flavor profile and caffeine content.

Elevating your coffee experience is what we strive to do.


    • Roasting handcrafted coffee since 2006, our artisan roastmaster uses her experience and expertise to roast the green beans into the kind of coffee that is much more than a morning pick-me-up.
    • Every coffee is unique. Each cup begins as fruit on a small flowering shrub. The farmer's approach combines the natural ecosystem through elements like soil, sun, and rainfall to determine the cup’s final flavor. We work to showcase these particular and individual qualities. A coffee might have the juicy bite of fresh fruit, or the big brightness of berries, or be deeply sweet like caramel. We work batch-to-batch, crop-to-crop, and harvest-to-year to celebrate that every cup tells a wonderful story.
    • Ask us about SINGLE ORIGIN coffees that we will roast to order! For a small-batch roastery, our variety is unmatched.
  • QUALITY ARABICA BEANS; Ethically Sourced, Sustainably Crafted

    • We roast arabica coffee that is grown at high altitude and imported from the coffee belt around the world. 
    • Sourced from reputable importers in the U.S.A, we are mindful of the farmers who cultivate the coffee beans. Utilizing ethical sourcing means that farmers and their laborers are fairly compensated for their time and land as well as providing the partnerships and tools they need to continue to produce coffee in a competitive market.
    • At High Altitude Coffee Roaster, we want to help people experience the diversity and variety of flavors inherent to fresh and seasonal coffee, which demands equitable trade and transparency.
  • Where to find us and Shipping

    • If you are local to Pagosa Springs, CO, or just visiting, you may sample a taste or purchase a bag at the Pagosa Farmers Market in summertime on Saturday mornings from 9am to 1 pm located at 225 E Pagosa St, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.
    • Our coffee beans are also available for sale at PS Chocolates located in the River Center. At PS Chocolates you can purchase it prepared as a COLD BREW, ICED COFFEE or Hot FRENCH PRESS.  PS Froyo -- located at 459 Lewis St, Pagosa Springs -- is now serving our San Juan Blend and selling a special Aspen House Holiday Blend. It is available online in limited quantities.
    • All orders are shipped within two days the coffee order is roasted.
    • When ordering/requesting a single origin coffee that is in limited supply we will only roast it once a week.
    • Our shippers require phone numbers for both the billing and shipping addresses. This information is private and you will not be solicited. More information is available by viewing our Privacy Policy
    • Flat-Rate shipping is $5 (FREE on orders over $65), anywhere in the continental lower 48 United States. There are no additional handling fees included.