Partnering with PS Froyo to raise funds for Aspen House

                              Did you know that PS Froyo serves coffee?
Well they do, and High Altitude Coffee PS Froyo Pagosa Springs, ColoradoRoaster is partnering with them to benefit Aspen House and Aspen Services, which is raising funds to provide supervised housing and support services for adults with developmental disabilities. Such a worthy cause!
  Last summer we donated $1 for every 12 oz bag of coffee sold at the Pagosa Farmers' Market. This winter, we are going a step further by creating a special Aspen House Holiday Blend to be sold online ($1 of every 12 oz bag sold online goes to Aspen House Holiday BlendAspen House) and at the PS Froyo brick and mortar location (where the net proceeds funnel directly to the organization). PS Froyo will also be serving the local favorite Vienna Roast called the San Juan Blend with dark chocolate and nutty notes.  

  Located in the heart of Pagosa Springs at 459 Lewis Street, PS FroYo brings people of all walks of life together over frozen yogurt and coffee among many other treats and lunches. Aspen House and Aspen Services took over managing the business in 2020. Reinventing flavors and adding a menu of new types of food beyond frozen yogurt. The goal of the business is to help the organization with a revenue stream and to serve as an establishment that can teach adults with disabilities job and life skills.

Aspen House and Aspen ServicesHere at High Altitude Coffee Roaster, we hope that our partnership with PS Froyo will bring Aspen House a little closer to their fundraising goal so that soon they may be able to break ground and start building Aspen House Pagosa.


High Altitude Coffee Roaster

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